How does the OXYSAC work?

The OXYSAC contains a super absorbent polymer. When submerged in water, the OXYSAC absorbs the water and expands into a pillow sized barrier.

Why should I activate the OXYSAC before use?

Although the OXYSAC can be put in place before being activated, we suggest otherwise. Before its activation, the bag is very light (approx. 1 lbs). This can cause the bag to be carried away by current or to be blown away by wind.

What is the lifespan of an OXYSAC?

The shelf life of a new, inactivated OXYSAC is 5+ years. They are packaged in a moisture proof vacuum bag. Once the bag has been activated, it can be kept as a barrier for about 6 to 12 months. The bag can be dried and re-used afterwards if it hasn’t been in contact with contaminated water.

Can I stack my OXYSACs to create a dam?

Yes! Activated OXYSACs can be stacked to form a dam

Can I use the OXYSAC indoors?

Yes! For inside use, OXYSAC can be used activated as a barrier or unactivated to absorb leaking water.

What should I do if I want to re-use my OXYSAC?

If not contaminated, OXYSAC can be left to dry indoors. Once dry, the OXYSAC will be ready for use again.

How do I dispose of the OXYSAC?

Similarly to sandbags, OXYSAC can be deposed of in a landfill

Little known fact: the super absorbent polymer is also used for the agricultural sector to improve the hydration of dry soils.

If uncontaminated, you can do this too!

Can I my put my OXYSAC in a washing machine and dryer to clean it out of its contaminants?

Don’t be silly now. The answer is no!

Will exposure to UV light degrade the super absorbent polymer?

Yes over time.

Can the OXYSAC absorb liquids other than water?

It can absorb many liquids. However OXYSAC loses efficiency in salt water.

Can I use OXYSACs to block snowmelt water?

Yes as long as the OXYSAC is activated in fresh water beforehand.

Can I use the OXYSAC in cold conditions?


Is the super absorbent polymer contained in my OXYSAC dangerous?

No. The super absorbent polymer is not dangerous and is used in many household products. This doesn’t mean you can eat it for breakfast.